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Applications of digital documents

In this post, we would like to talk about an aspect that is not often mentioned, but which is defining when implementing a document digitization process.

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  • Small changes make all the difference

    With the incorporation of Data Juice, specialized in the interoperability and digital business transformation, and Omatech, experts in the development of digital projects, eDiversa strengthened the idea of a Group.

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  • The technological sector needs more female talent

    There are many sectors where parity does not exist. The areas of education, health or social work have a female representation of around 70%. On the other hand, in the field of technology, women represent 29% of the total.

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  • eDiversa launches its corporate website

    We’ve been working on a new project for the last couple of months and, finally, the moment has come to share it with you: We have a new corporate website!

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