For another year, eDiversa Group joins International Women’s Day to revendicate the need to build a more equal society, especially in the area of ICT. Under our annual slogan, company connected with equality, we want to show our commitment to incorporate more female talent in our team’s daily operations.

What can our organization bring to the ICT sector? Let’s put it into context...

A study by the Generalitat de Catalunya on the inequalities between men and women in 2022 verified that in the ICT sector, there is a digital gender gap. This in the inequality of access, use appropriation and the possibility of participation in the design and development of ICT.

One of the causes of this gap is personal motivation, but also the stereotyped differentiation of the abilities and skills of each gender in relation to the different areas of knowledge. This segregation begins in studies and then moves to the workplace, where other factors of inequality related to work, and occupation are added.

The data reflected in the study are the following:

  • The proportion of women enrolled in Professional Training courses of Information and Communication Technology in 2020-2021 was 11.1% versus 89.9% men.
  • University degrees in computer engineering and telecommunications in 2021: men, 27.5% and women 7.7% of the total university enrollment.
  • Occupation in the ICT sector in 2021: 30.3% women and 69.7% men.

Job market
In addition to the digital gap, when entering the workforce, women encounter the glass ceiling. Those jobs that have always been associated with the females are traditionally less valued, causing inequalities in salary remuneration. Furthermore, if we focus on management positions, according to data from the INE (National Statistics Institute), only 36.9% of women are employed in these positions. This fact is compounded by the wage gap. On average, women earn 5,906.93€ per year less than men. Although the wage gap exists in all types of occupations, it tends to increase in management positions.

¿What can we do in eDiversa Group to reverse this situation?
In eDiversa, Group we are fully aware of the masculinization of the professional sector in which we operate. And our company is an example of this. Although the proportion of women in the workforce is still lower than that of men, in recent years we have reduced this inequality considerably. In 2019, eDiversa Group's workforce consisted of a total of 5 women. Today, there are 18 women on the team.

In 2022, we joined the GetHub (Gender Equality Tech Hub), an initiative promoted by the Barcelona City Hall and coordinated by Allwomen, that links technological companies in the city of Barcelona to develop actions designed to reduce the gender gap in technology.

In order to carry out as thorough a study as possible of the company's situation in terms of equality, during this year, we will develop the Equality Plan. Through the study of all areas of the company, we will detect the strengths, needs and new initiatives that we can carry out so that eDiversa Group is a company with equal opportunities for everyone in the company.
This study addresses relevant issues such as salaries, training, flexible working hours or the language used in the company's communications and among employees.

Although there is a lot of work still to do, step by step we are building a company and a society that is more equal and fairer for all people.

eDiversa Group, company connected with Equality.