comeDiBuild facilitates and simplifies the management of the administrative documents that contractors and suppliers interchange within the framework of a project.

It is a digital platform created to optimize the document processes related to orders, delivery notes, assessments, invoices, etc.

In addition to an effective administration of documents, comeDiBuild, through a digital fingerprint, allows the tracking of each of them and visualization of their status at any time and from any place or device.

It is a single tools that streamlines and modernizes the construction sector in the era of the digital revolution.

What does comeDiBuild solve?_

comeDiBuild is a tool that manages the entire document circuit for the project.
comeDiBuild is a platform where constructors and suppliers interchange, in the same environment, administrative documents in the framework of the project they are working on.

This way, all the administrative processes are streamlined and bureaucracy becomes quick and effective.

Given that the platform facilitates the tracking of all documents, users can see the status at all times.

comeDiBuild also stores all the documents interchanged between users for an unlimited time.

All the administrative documentation in a single platform

In the context of a project, all administrative transactions such as orders, delivery notes, invoices and valued are managed in a common, simple and safe setting.

How can we help you?_

In eDiversa Group, we contribute to improving the relation between contractors and suppliers offering them a tool that allows them to carry out the management of all the documentation related to a project in a fast, simple and efficient manner.

  • If you're a contractor

    In a single platform, you can have all your suppliers connected, receiving your orders instantly, comeDiBuild acts as an authorized party, so that you can track all the documents.

    Integrating comeDiBuild with your ERP will give you quick, limitless and automatic management of all your documents. From the same platform you can perform administrative tasks (accept delivery notes and invoices...), control the status of the documents through the digital fingerprint and connect to FACe if you work for the public administration.

  • If you're a supplier

    With comeDiBuild, you can manage all your work documents easily and efficiently from a single online platform. Using simple forms, you can send your clients invoices and delivery notes of each project, track the documents and make them legal with the digital signature. Through the platform, you will also receive the orders from your clients and, when you accept them, they will have contractual value.

comeDiBuild advantages_

  • You can integrate the platform with any ERP
  • Connect to the service from any device and any place
  • Conserve your documents for as long as necessary
  • Track all documents
  • Formulas supported for the generation of documents
  • Unlimited technical support