One of the sectors with the most growth in recent years and which continues to increase is ICT. Unfortunately, it is characterized as being a male-dominated sector, both on professionally and academically.

Every year, the fourth Thursday of April is Girls’ Day in ICT. Its objective is no other than to empower and encourage girls and young women to consider technological careers and, at the same time, narrow the digital gender gap.

According to the Baròmetre Dones TIC (ICT Woman Barometer), a study carried out by the Cercle Tecnològic de Catalunya (Technological Circle of Catalonia) with the intention of showing the reality of women in the sector, one of the main causes of the gap are the stereotypes associated with the abilities and skills of each gender. Said stereotypes start at an early age, during school, and are fostered as one moves into the workplace.

Only 25% of the technical profiles in ICT companies are women. If we also analyze the positions that these women occupy, they calculate to 32% ICT project management, 25% software development and maintenance and 19% infrastructure development. Once again, the most technical part of the sector is the most masculinized.

In eDiversa Group, as an ICT company connected to equality, we wanted to interview some of the women on the team in technical positions to find out more about what has inspired them about their professions. Given the lack of references for girls, we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to send them encouraging messages and show them that realities are possible.