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Known as EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) for the electronic document interchange based on national or international standards and regulations that define and regulate the way in which companies interchange different commercial documents, such as purchase orders, despatch advices, invoices, etc.

The buyers of sectors like Distribution and Consumer Goods, Health or Automotive interchange orders, delivery notes, catalogues, inventory, etc in standard EDI format with their suppliers and logistics operators.

Because it is an international standard, document interchange is carried out regardless of the client and supplier’s country.

What does EDI solve?_

EDI offers a standard, reliable and safe scenario for the relations between the actors that intervene in the supply chain, both in that referring to types and formats of documents, as well as in the communications.

Thanks to the use of EDI, errors from human intervention are minimized and information is available immediately and in a common language.

Tired of so much paper...?

We propose the best solution adapted to your sector, so your business grows without having to worry about logistics and commercial documents.
Also, our customer service department will help make the process fast and effective.

EDI solutions by eDiversa Group _

In eDiversa Group, we have the ideal solution for your company, from economical online solutions that are easy to use for users with low volumes, to completely integrated and automated solutions for companies with medium-high volumes of traffic and diverse contacts.

  • I'm a supplier

    We offer solutions that allow you to relate with all your clients regardless of their EDI operator.

    If you manage a low volume of documents, we have a solution installed in your server or the cloud that allows you to visualize, print or save documents received in an intuitive and easy to use environment. Through simple forms you can generate, in an assisted manner, the documents to send.

    If you manage a medium-high volume of documents, you need a solution that is integrated with your ERP so that document flow is automated and functions unattended. This way, you minimize errors associated with the manual treatment of information. The link to the ERP is done through a single file, agreed upon format (text, xml, etc.) so it is not necessary to know the EDI format.

  • I'm a buyer

    What characterizes a buying scenario is, among others, the high volumes of documents to interchange and the diversity of suppliers with whom they relate.

    For this reason, the robustness and depth of the automation with the ERP is essential. Thanks to our experience, our solutions can integrate with any ERP on the market (SAP, SAGE, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.).

    You can go a step beyond and relate with other suppliers in a personalized portal that is adapted to your specific requirements. Your suppliers will enter in a platform with your image and the operative that you decide.

Advantages of EDI with eDiversa Group _

  • Decide if you prefer a manual or integrated solution.
  • Decide if you prefer a solution installed on your server or the cloud.
  • Your fee adapted and optimized to the real volume of documents that you need to interchange.
  • We periodically revise your fee so that it always adapts to the real volume of documents that you interchange.
  • Unlimited technical support to solve any doubt you may have.