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The SILICIE is the accounting system of products subject to excise taxes through telematics systems from the Electronic Headquarters of the AEAT. These materials are alcohol, tobacco, hydrocarbons and the raw materials used in their obtainment.

The companies that store, produce, transport, move or commercialize products subject to excise taxes such as factories, fiscal deposits, physical warehouses, reception warehouses and vinegar factories are obligated to follow the immediate supply system of accounting records.

What does SILICIE solve?_

The implementation of the SILICIE allows the public administration to have access to the processes, movement and existence of the products objects of accounting.

SILICIE facilitates the management and accounting of the fiscal data online to the public administration, avoiding possible errors.

The declaration of excise taxes through SILICIE reduces informative statements. It is not necessary to present models 570 of declaration of operations for hydrocarbons, nor models 553 and 548 for manufacturers of products with and derived from alcohol.

Put your records in our hands

We simplify the processes of generation and delivery of the accounting of excise taxes.

eDiversa Group SILICIE Solution_

comeDiTax is the technological platform of eDiversa Group that incorporates SII and SILICIE solutions. If your company is obligated to send accounts of products subject to excise taxes to the Electronic Headquarters of the AEAT, the eDiversa Group SILICIE Solution lets you do it easily and intuitively.

The SILICIE Solution of eDiversa Group automates the processes of generation and delivery of accounting records of excise taxes to the AEAT. The eDiversa Group platform processes the files sent by your company and transforms them to the format required by the Tax Agency. Later, the delivery to the Electronic Headquarters of the AEAT that will validate and store them.

Through the response system of the AEAT, you will receive the different validations of the files sent, being able to get answers of acceptance or rejection. In case of rejection, comeDiTax will inform you of the specific error indicated by the AEAT.

SILICIE advantages_

  • It allows you to have absolute control over transactions with the public administration.
  • We adapt our solution to the volume of information that your company generates.
  • Legal custody of the accounting records.
  • Unlimited technical support to help you in the adaptation to the SILICIE.