"The human spirit must prevail over technology"

Albert Einstein



In 2020, eDiversa Group consolidated as a Group of companies.

The tech sector is in constant evolution and companies should evolve at the same pace, offering solutions adapted to new needs. And that’s how we do it in eDiversa Group. We expand our areas of influence to continue facilitating corporate digitalization.


The first step was the acquisition of Oma Technologies, SL, Omatech, at the beginning of 2020.

Omatech is a tech company with a long history dedicated to creating custom-made digital solutions. The Omatech applications solve complex needs adapting to the specific needs of each client. Examples are intranets with organization and control of large volumes of clients and products; e-commerce integrated into any ERP or integrations of Apis, among others.


In 2020, eDiversa continued growing with the creation of the project DataJuice

DataJuice is a company founded in collaboration with the Basque group, Igarle. DataJuice was created to foster the digital industry in Euskadi, with a national and international approach. To do this, the company focuses on global digitalization, which is the integration and synchronization of the physical with the digital.

These operations have allowed us to widen our response capacity to client needs, always centered on innovation and orientation to the client.