2020 marked a before and after on a social level for many reasons. The interpersonal relationships and the way to relate with others was affected by physical distancing established by the Covid-19 health crisis. This has carried over to many other levels, such as commercially, which forced many companies to digitalize quickly in order to cope with the pandemic.

The digitalization of companies has made an accelerated change in the sales paradigm. What was supposed to be the future has become the present, directly influencing the relationship between client and company. The growth of the digital economy coming from the pandemic has given us a stage in which companies with presence on the internet have drastically reduced personal contact and the closeness to users, a phenomenon called Low Touch Economy. Companies start to become aware of this distance and are beginning to develop strategies to help them recuperate the proximity with their potential clients.

Internet users are no longer just passive consumers; they now play a more decisive role, contributing their experience and opinion as customers, serving as a guide for the rest of the consumer community. This makes them co-creators and even brand ambassadors. Therefore, user experience has become a differential value in the digital world. Companies should no longer only base their strategy on parameters such as price or quality, but should bet on a hyper-personalized omnichannel strategy, closer to the user. This is the concept we adopt at eDiversa Group.

One of our priorities is to enhance the customer journey from the moment they meet us until they contract a service as enriching as possible. Our solutions are complex products that require additional information to be fully understood. This makes us fully aware of the importance of accompanying the user in a more personalized and closer way, being able to solve the specific doubts that may arise.

The user experience can and should be worked on at many levels. At eDiversa Group, we treat each project as unique, promoting two-way communication at all times, even before starting development and implementation. Our Projects team is in charge of shaping and planning every single detail of the product in a personalized way with the client. Once the project is fully developed and active, we continue to offer ongoing assistance through our Technical Support team. Also, from the start, our Customer Service team is aware of the suggestions and improvements proposed by user, accompanying them in their journey to us. We believe in the importance of lasting connections and we are committed to them.

Connect, personalize and collaborate with our users are some of the actions that we believe in at eDiversa Group. We are a company connected with the client because we place great importance on interpersonal relationships and the ability to put ourselves in the user’s place.