With the incorporation of Omatech in eDiversa Group, we continue working to offer an integral business digitalization service to our clients. Thanks to this acquisition, we are broadening our service offerings by incorporating a new business area specialized in the custom development of digital products.

With the incorporation of the services of Omatech to our portfolio, we offer our clients a global service in the digitalization of their processes. For this reason, we considered it opportune to interview Cesc Delgado, director of operations of Omatech, to understand his vision as leader of this new business area of eDiversa Group.

One of the strengths of Omatech are its routines and business practices, marked by the Agile methodology that has helped them work more effectively. Concerning this practice, Cesc points out that “it should be the methodology that adapts to the Company, not the other way around”. In eDiversa Group, we’ve been working for years with the Agile methodology implemented; however, Cesc’s innovative vision has helped us adapt and improve our processes.

Cesc tells us that he received the news of the Omatech acquisition positively because the two companies share common values. One of them is to put the customer at the center of the business, since both Omatech and eDiversa Group focus their work on end-customer satisfaction. All of Cesc's statements throughout the interview reflect the fact that all the work is focused on this goal.

On the other hand, Cesc also affirms that “the large corporate structure of eDiversa Group” was key when making the decision. Being a part of the group allows them to orient their resources to projects and “derive the administration, finance, human resources and marketing in order to focus on what really matters: our clients’ projects”. Thanks to this, the COO of Omatech forecasts an increase in their client portfolio as well as being able to take on more ambitious and complex projects and contribute to the growth of eDiversa Group in the business digitalization sector.

Cesc adds a further affinity between eDiversa Group and Omatech, such as competitive rates that are market-adjusted, which allow us to reach more interested clients in the services we offer.

With this acquisition of talent, we hope to offer our clients a global service tailored to their needs.