The digital transformation of the public administration is the objective that governments have set for the short and medium-term. This digital transformation means digital innovation, mobility, Big Data, social media and cloud.

This process is not fast nor simple, but it is clear that the private sector has an advantage over the public. This is because of the investment strategy in IT. In the words of Rick Howard, vice president of Gartner, "In the economy of digital services, the public sector should make strategic investments in IT or run the risk of perpetuating unsustainable business models in the long term".

However, the increase in the investment forecasted for 2016 is 0.3%. It is also true that this data indicates a reversal in the tendency of previous years when the IT investment took a dive, there seems to contain an insufficient presupposition to supply the bulk of the investments necessary. Therefore, it looks like the public sector still has a ways to go.