ICS - Pharmacy_

The Institut Català de la Salut (ICS) is the public health service of Catalonia. It is the largest public company in Catalonia, with more than 40,000 professionals. It has various hospitals of reference, as well as various investigation and teaching centers.

  • Description and reach of the project

    The EDI project for the electronic document interchange was implemented at the end of 2020, for the request for medicine between the ICS hospitals and their suppliers.

  • List of documents

    Documents implemented:

    Document Version From To
    Order ORDERS D.96A UN EAN008 ICS Supplier
    Order Response ORDRSP D.96A UN EAN005 Supplier ICS
    Despatch Advice DESADV D.96A UN EAN005 Supplier ICS
    Confirmation of Reception of the Goods RECADV D.96A UN EAN003 ICS Supplier
    Electronic invoice Facturae Supplier ICS

  • Information for suppliers that have an EDI system

    Download here the EDI guide of the ICS where you will find the information necessary to adapt your systems to its requirements.

    Request in this form the interconnection with the ICS.

  • Information for suppliers that don't have an EDI system

    If you are a supplier of the ICS and still don’t have an EDI system, you can access the online platform comeDiNet if you have a medium-low document volume. If you manage high volumes of documents, you can opt for an integrated solution.
    Contact us, through this form, to learn the special prices for suppliers of the health sector.