The Government has started an aid program called the “Kit Digital” to improve corporate digitalization, aimed at SME and freelance workers. At eDiversa Group, with almost 20 years-experience implementing digitalization projects and specifically document management, we have enrolled in the program as Digitalizing Agents to offer our expertise to the beneficiaries of the Kit Digital.

This program will allocate more than 3 billion euros from the Next Generation EU Funds within the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan to boost the digital transformation of companies with up to 50 employees. The financial amount that the beneficiaries of the Kit will receive depends on the digital solution chosen, but the maximum will be 12.000€.
One of the principal objectives of our work is to help companies that decide to take on the digitalization process. The key areas in which eDiversa Group can help are:

Electronic Invoice:

  • Automate the flow of sending, receiving and managing invoices with your customers and suppliers. eDiversa Group's e-Invoice solutions are designed and developed for both issuers and receivers of Invoices.

Management of Processes:

  • Digitalize and automate your business’ operational, productive and administrative processes. eDiversa Group offers manual, integrated and personalized digital project solutions.

Website and presence in Internet:

  • Improve your presence and increase visibility on the Internet. eDiversa Group creates personalized digital projects that are flexible and modular to improve companies Internet visibility.


  • Create your site to sell your products and/or services. eDiversa Group will help in the transformation of your business in a digital environment.

If you have any questions or you want us to help you manage your funds, contact us.