Construction is one of the most dynamic activities of the Spanish economy, with such an impact and repercussion that it is able to speed it up or slow it down. However, up to the date, it has been reluctant to the incorporation of the new technologies.

The idiosyncrasy and the particularities of the sector make it so that historically its habitual management requires and generates an enormous volume of documents. This has created a growing need in the optimization of the document processes.

eDiversa Group creates comeDiBuild, a platform oriented specifically to the electronic document interchange of commercial documents from the construction sector.

Some clients of the Construction sector

In eDiversa Group, there is a solution for you.

eDiversa Group, always attentive to the needs of the different sectors, has developed a sectorial platform for the construction sector, which could benefit contractors such as industrials and suppliers. With comeDiBuild, comes the simplification of document management to the construction sector.