We’ve been working on a new project for the last couple of months and, finally, the moment has come to share it with you: We have a new corporate website!

It’s a space that’s very different from the competition, where we want to communicate with you so we can explain who we are and what our work is about.
For its creation, we have followed the principles of usability and user experience. We have created a web that adapts to any device, with a design and structure focused on enjoyable and intuitive navigation.

Happy to Help
For us, communication with our clients is essential. To do this, in each section of the new web, you can contact us with your questions or suggestions. We’d love to hear your comments!
In the new ediversa.com, the information is organized in a clear and attractive way so that you have easy and direct access to content, without unnecessary pages or meaningless information.

About us
In order to graphically and visually explain what our solutions are all about, nothing better than a brief video in each section.

We also tell you the principal economic sectors we work in and how we adapt our solutions to each of their specifications.
We’d like you to get to know us a little better. Therefore, we explain who we are, what we believe in and we put a face to the names. In the new web, you will also learn about the social initiatives we participate in, activities we are very proud of.

Current news
The current news of the sector is a fundamental pillar in our web. In the Current News section, you can find out, first hand, all the news and relevant events. You can subscribe to eDiNews at this link.

All this, and so much more, in an organized and intuitive menu.

We hope you like our new web and we invite you to visit it.

eDiversa, a company connected with the Client and with a new web!