At eDiversa Group, we are faithful to our values and one of them is to undertake actions that have a positive impact on society. In this sense, we have decided to join the GetHub (Gender Equality Tech Hub), an initiative powered by the Barcelona City Hall and coordinated by Allwomen, which groups Barcelona technological companies committed to gender equality.

The objective of GetHub is to promote and develop actions to reduce the gender gap in the technology sector.

Why is this initiative necessary?

GetHub points out three data as the main indicators of the need to implement this type of initiative. These are:

  • Although the technology sector is strong in Barcelona, only 29% of its members are women.
  • In global terms, women specialized in ICT hired by the companies represent less than 20% of the total.
  • Barcelona is defined as an inclusive and technological city. This initiative reinforces these concepts.

Who can participate in GetHub?

GetHub is open to all companies based in Barcelona and its metropolitan area, committed to gender equality that are willing to work to close the gender gap by dedicating budgets and human resources with decision-making capacity.

What does it mean to participate in GetHub?

By joining the initiative, companies promise to:

1. Co-create: participate in work group among companies.
2. Invest: designate specific resources to move gender equality forward in the sector.
3. Act: carry out three actions a year to promote gender equality in the technology field.

First GetHub meeting

Last Friday, April 8th, an event was held to present the initiative, where the participating companies introduced themselves and explained the actions they carry out in their companies in favor of gender equality. It was a very enriching day from which we were able to extract ideas to apply in eDiversa Group.

We are delighted to participate in such an interesting initiative and hope that it will help us to narrow the gender gap that still exists in our industry.
We will soon give you more details about the actions we are organizing at eDiversa Group.