Every year, we renew our signature and the headers of our social networks. In this post we want to explain why.

Since 2020, at eDiversa Group, we use our social platforms to communicate the values we believe in and are committed to because we know that companies are defined by the type of activity they carry out, and their values and contribution to society. It is just as important to act consistently with the values that define you as it is to know how to transmit them.

So, each year we want to emphasize one of our principles and study how we can work on it to make it grow and to make it clear as possible to all our audiences. At eDiversa Group, 2023 is the year of Equality.

What concepts have we highlighted previously and why?

2020: eDiversa Group, a company connected with Innovation
En eDiversa Group, we have always been committed to innovation. We incorporate the latest technological advances into our solutions, always thinking about how they can help us improve performance and facilitate our clients' management processes fully. This work was recognized in 2020, when we obtained the Innovative SME distinction, awarded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. In this, our commitment to innovation was certified.

2021: eDiversa Group, a company with the Client
One of our key values is focus on the client. Our team is committed to their satisfaction and, along these lines, in 2021, we extended our client service hours to 7 days a week and 24 hours in order to solve emergencies.

2022: eDiversa Group, a company connected to Digital Transformation
Digital transformation is in our DNA, it is our reason to be. We help companies to learn digitalization processes. Also, in 2022, we became Digital Agents in the Digital Kit Program, which allows us to help more companies to start to complete their digital transformation.

2023: eDiversa Group, a company connected with Equality
We belong to a sector in which equality is one of the great unresolved issues. Traditionally, the technology sector has been a very masculinized sector and we want to do our bit to bridge this gap. For this reason, we have set the goal of adding more and more female talent to our team every day. But Equality goes much further. For this reason, throughout this year we will carry out the Equality Plan. A project that we will develop together with a specialized company and that will help us to analyze the situation of our company in terms of equality and take the necessary actions to ensure that eDiversa Group is a company that complies with the principles of equality in all areas.

We are a company committed to ethical and social values, which we will continue to promote because we are convinced that this is the only way to offer quality service to our clients.

eDiversa Group, a company connected with Equality.