In eDiversa, we are celebrating. After several months of intense work, we can announce the creation of DataJuice Software S.L., a new company created in collaboration with el Grupo Vasco Igarle, that come from the objective of leading the digitalization and transformation process towards industry 4.0 that Basque businesses are experiencing.

This initiative comes from the will to have the appropriate infrastructure to be able to attend the business opportunities that are being created in the Basque Country and the union of the capacities of eDiversa and Igarle will allow us to tackle these opportunities with guarantees of success.

DataJuice is the definitive step towards the electronic and secure interchange of documents and the synchronization of the physical with the digital.
The activity of DataJuice will be focused on the digitalization of document management processes, logistics and mobility of the companies, accompaniment in digital transformation processes, the creation of technological observatories and the adaptation to the fiscal changes that will soon be introduced in Euskadi.

2020, a year of expansion for eDiversa

After the acquisition of Omatech, a leading company in the development of web solutions and applications, the creation of DataJuice is a new milestone in our growth process and which we hope will bring good news soon.

Would you like more information on DataJuice? Visit their web And if want to be updated on the activity of the company, you can follow them on LinkedIn:

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