Yesterday, January 9, 2018, was the solemn signing of the collaboration agreement between the secretary general of the Catalan employers’ association, CECOT, David Garrofé and Jaume Escandell, commercial director of eDiversa.

More advanced services to foster the competitiveness of freelance, micro-companies, SMEs and large companies.
With the agreement signed, eDiversa has become an official exclusive partner in Electronic Invoice and EDI for the associates of the CECOT. They will benefit from special prices and conditions exclusively designed for CECOT members.

With this agreement, eDiversa gains the recognition for hard work throughout more than a decade. CECOT has entrusted eDiversa to offer these type of services, crucial in many cases, to its associates. On a strategic level, the eDiversa-CECOT relationship is of enormous importance and implies a qualitative leap both on an image and relational level.

Source: Proprietary