In 2020, SMEs based their survival strategy in the face of the Covid crisis on digitalization, which tested their ability to adapt and react. Thanks to the application of technological solutions in their day-to-day business, many SMEs have avoided total or partial closure of their businesses.

The effect of the pandemic has accelerated the digitalization process, which was being implemented gradually. Express digitalization caused by the pandemic has yielded great results in the short term, such as the reduction of operating costs and the possibility of continuing to work despite the prohibition of mobility.
However, digitalization must be a process that goes beyond the need to adapt to crisis.

Below are some of the reasons why activating the digitalization process is the best long-term alternative for companies:

1. Flexibility and opening. The ease of teleworking and mobility of workers, greatly facilitated by digitalization, allows companies to broaden their horizons to attract talent and reduce their infrastructures, which are very costly. Also, this flexibility has great advantages for workers in terms of work-life balance.

2. Orientation to the client. Digitalization of the company’s management processes allows a higher acquisition of data which guarantees better knowledge of the clients, costs, benefits …etc. With all this data, companies can define new strategies that expedite and optimize customer service, guaranteeing loyalty and adding value to commercial processes.

3. Document management. The use of technological solutions for document management allows companies to adapt to a constantly evolving market. Electronic document interchange systems, such as EDI, provide SMEs with numerous advantages, such as economic savings, process automation, elimination of human errors, repetitive tasks and better organization of the entire document flow. All this improves productivity, efficiency and profitability, giving a competitive advantage to the companies that use them.

At some point, all companies, no matter their size, will go through a digitalization process, and the digital document management solutions are essential tools to face this transformation.