Web and APP


“The idea is not to live forever, it is to create something that will”

Andy Warhol


Web and APP development_

Web development is the planning, construction, implementation and maintenance of website and mobile hybrid applications.

In the technological society in which we live, it is important to have a good presence on the Internet, because it is usually the first contact with a future client with the company. The sales process starts in the first interaction that a person has with the brand.

Companies should not only have a website or app, but they should offer specific features. It’s not just about being but offering solutions to meet the needs of a consumerthat is more demanding every day.

What does Web and APP development solve?_

The technological capacity of companies is the key to success for the new corporate challenges that face all sectors.

Website pages and applications have become essential tools for the optimum operation of companies. Through the technological platforms actions can be carried out with clients such as promoting products and services (marketing), selling them (ecommerce), looking for new clients (lead generation), collecting data about clients (CRM), managing possible incidents (ticketing) or managing reservation (booking).

Also they are a big help in the productivity of the companies,which is increased thanks to the possibility of managing big work groups (intranets), to control stock and sales (management software) of the integration with ERPs, among others.

Your web project has become obsolete?

We help you to create a unique digital project adjusted to the needs of your business and created to be able to adapt to the innovations of the market.

eDiversa Web and APP development solutions_

In eDiversa, with our new company Omatech, we study the communicative needs of your company and we translate them into web and mobile projects that give answers.

The work methodology consists in a process of four different phases:
Phase 1: Analysis of the client’s needs and detection of objectives of the project.
Phase 2: Creation of environments focused on aesthetics and usability. Design of unique spaces that are attractive for the user and that meet the objectives planned by the client.
Phase 3: Development of the most appropriate technological platform for the project, always thinking in its scalability and adaptability to a market in constant evolution.
Phase 4: Adaptation of the code for optimal positioning in the principal search engines and encryption of the data to ensure security.

Web and APP development advantages_

  • We embody the DNA of the company in all the screens of each project
  • We develop web and mobile environments aesthetically pleasing for the user
  • We create flexible and modular solutions, adapted to the changing market
  • We encrypt the data to guarantee your security and that they are not treated fraudulently
  • We create scalable applications to adapt to the evolution of the world and technology