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XarxaFarma is a group of more than 600 independent pharmacies that offers its clients different services like client cards, gift cards, private label products with the best quality-price ratio and the informative magazine Infoxarxa.

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  • Description and reach of the project

    EDI project for commercial electronic document interchange between XarxaFarma and its suppliers.

    The project started in October 2019 with the interchange of the documents Order and Despatch Advice. The future includes the incorporation of the documents Order Response, Confirmation of Reception of the Goods and Invoice to the document flow.

  • List of documents

    Documents implemented:

    Document Version From To
    Order ORDERS D.96A UN EAN008 XarxaFarma Supplier
    Despatch Advice DESADV D.96A UN EAN005 Supplier XarxaFarma

    Documents that will be incorporated soon:

    Document Version From To
    Order Response ODRSP D.96A UN EAN005 Supplier XarxaFarma
    Confirmation of the Reception of the Goods RECADV D.96A UN EAN003 XarxaFarma Supplier
    Invoice INVOIC D.93A UN EAN007 Supplier XarxaFarma

  • Information for suppliers that have an EDI system

    Download here the EDI guide of XarxaFarma where you will find the information necessary to adapt your systems to its requirements.

    Request in this form the interconnection with XarxaFarma.

  • Information for suppliers that don't have an EDI system

    Those suppliers that don’t have an EDI system can contact us to learn the different options and prices to contract the service.
    From manual solutions for low document volumes to integrated solutions for medium and high volumes.

    Request information here.