Electronic Invoice with the public administration

Electronic Invoice with the public administration_

As of January 15, 2015, it is obligatory for any supplier of the public administration to send invoices electronically, whenever the amount is 5.000€ or higher, according to the law on electronic invoicing and creation of the invoice accounting records in the public sector.

Therefore, if one of your clients is a public organism (local, autonomous or state), you are obligated to electronically send the invoices they request, with the Facturae standard 3.2 or 3.2.1 and digitally signed.

The invoices should be delivered to the General Entry Point of Electronic Invoices (PGEF) of the requesting administration.

What does the Electronic Invoice solve?_

Using the electronic invoice, the public administration has optimized its administrative processes and has substantially improved collection times of suppliers.

On the other hand, the suppliers of the Administration benefit from the immediacy and the security of the transactions, avoiding, for example, the loss of invoices and the errors derived from their manual treatment.

Disoriented when it comes to invoicing the public administrations?

We'll help you comply with the current laws with a simple service that adapts to your needs.

eDiversa Group Electronic Invoice solutions_

eDiversa Group offers an adequate solution whatever volume of documents you manage. There are manual electronic invoice solutions that allow you to generate invoices through simple forms in facturae format and send them to the General Entry Point of Electronic Invoices (PGFE) that you need. eDiversa Group has a connection with all the PGFE of the State.

On the other hand, if you manage a high volume of invoices, you will need a solution integrated with your ERP. This way, the system will work automated and unattended avoiding errors derived from manual treatment.

The solutions we offer include from free options that offer very good features without any cost, to advanced solutions that offer more features with adjusted fees.

Advantages Electronic Invoice_

  • 3 packs of manual online solutions
  • Integrated solutions
  • Connection with all the Public Administrations
  • Custody of invoices
  • Digital signature
  • Technical support team to resolve incidences