Electronic Invoice between contractors and subcontractors

Electronic Invoice between contractors and subcontractors_

It deals with the electronic delivery and/or reception of invoices between contractors and subcontractors in the framework of public bidding.

July 1, 2018, the Contract Law 9/2017 came into effect which established that, within a public bidding, the invoices issued by the companies subcontracted to the bidding company should be sent through the portal FACeB2B.
Invoices should be in facturae format and will be sent to the Unique Electronic Registry (REU) of FACeB2B.

What does the Electronic Invoice solve?_

This system allows the public administration to have control over all the economic transactions within a public bidding. This avoids fraud in the context of a contract with the administration and establishes a more efficient and transparent invoicing process.

We improve the performance of the administrative processes of companies.

With our solution, you can interchange invoices through FACeB2B (REU) with your clients and suppliers.

eDiversa Electronic Invoice Solutions_

eDiversa offers manual solutions or ones integrated with your ERP. The invoice issued by the subcontractor transforms to facturae format, required by the public administration, and is delivered in the platform FACeB2B. Also, the contractor can recover the invoices from the platform FACeB2B to incorporate them into their administrative flow.
The system allows both to track the interchanges and status of the invoices.

Also, the service allows the contractor to send invoices to the different General Entry Points of Electronic Invoices of the public administration.

Advantages Electronic Invoice_

  • Solutions for any size company
  • Resolve your obligation with the Administration
  • Includes custody and digital signature
  • Technical support service included