Electronic Invoice between companies

Electronic Invoice between companies_

It deals with the electronic delivery and/or reception of invoices between private companies.

Each invoice should be electronically signed. This guarantees the authenticity of origin and the integrality of the content.

According to Law58/2003, of 17 December, General Taxation, receiving companies should conserve the original invoice during the following five years, just as they do with paper invoices.

What does the Electronic Invoice solve?_

Any solution in electronic invoicing improves the performance of the administrative processes of companies and simplifies the management of all invoices.

Companies tend to interchange invoices with their clients and suppliers in different formats (paper, EDI, PDF, Facturae…) and diverse media (service platforms, invoice portals, email, mail…). This traditional model involves hard work by the administrative department of companies and an elevated cost in the account statement. Resolving these processes efficiently optimizes the performance of one of the company’s key departments.

We simplify it for you

We improve the performance of the administrative processes of companies. Our solutions are compatible with client and supplier management systems.

eDiversa Electronic Invoice solutions Group _

The solutions that we propose adjust to the volume of invoices that your company sends or receives.

  • I manage a low volume of invoices

    In this case, the solution that you need is manual treatment. Simple, easy to use and very economic.

  • I manage a high volume of invoices

    The eDiversa Group solutions for high volumes of invoices can be through an electronic invoicing platform integrated with your ERP or an electronic invoice portal created specifically for you. These personalized portals adapt to your specific needs and incorporate a workflow for the automation of all internal invoice management.

Electronic Invoice advantages_

  • Possibility to acquire a manual or integrated solution
  • Simplification of all the administrative processes
  • Fees adapted and optimized to the real volume of invoices that you need to process
  • Complete personalization of your portal
  • Custody and digital signature
  • Unlimited technical support to solve any doubt you may have