The construction sector has been asking for a change for a long time in its modus operandi. In recent events and debates held, like Rebuild 2022, experts on the subject state that the future of the sector should concentrate on three axes: digitalization, industrialization and sustainability.

At eDiversa Group, following our philosophy oriented to industry 4.0, we have transferred our expertise in electronic document interchange to the construction industry. This is how the comeDiBuild project came about, our sectoral platform that provides a solution to managing all documents involved in construction projects. The tool was launched by one of the sector’s leading construction companies, Vopi4.

comeDiBuild makes it possible to manage, from a single cloud environment, all the administrative documents specific to the sector: orders, delivery notes, invoices and appraisals. The platform facilitates and streamlines procedures between construction companies and suppliers and industrialists, simplifying processes and minimizing the efforts of all those involved. This translates into greater efficiency, sustainability and technological innovation.

What does comeDiBuild resolve?

The platform responds to all the casuistry and administrative complexity that make up the work processes in the construction sector. It automates the document management procedure, saving time and avoiding errors. In addition, it allows processing and electronic signing of documents that must be processed in a secure way. comeDiBuild acts as an authenticator of the documentary transactions, giving the whole process legal validity. On the other hand, the platform is connected to the REU (Single Electronic Registry) to comply with the Public Procurement Law.

The interface was designed to guarantee usability and good user experience. This way, the navigation throughout the platform is intuitive and facilitates access to all available features. At the same time, it allows the user to follow-up on the traceability of documents, seeing their current status and keeping them the required and desired time.

Two scenarios: contractor and supplier.

comeDiBuild adapts to the specific needs of the two profiles. For the contractor, the platform allows meetings in a virtual space with all suppliers and industrial companies they’re working with. This makes easy and simple management of the high volume of documentation generated in a building project, saving time and reducing costs. Also, it allows the traceability of the entire document circuit, being able to operate in an automated and integrated way with internal management systems.

As a supplier, comeDiBuild streamlines and simplifies the relationship between different clients. The tool allows the generation and management of distinct documents manually or in an integrated manner. In a single online environment, one can consult the status and traceability of document as well as control material delivered or pending for each order received.

Digitalizing the entire administrative process of the management of a construction project shortens deadlines and avoids errors. Going from paper to digital format also contributes directly to creating less waste and being more respectful to the environment. comeDiBuild is a platform that contributes to the digitization revolution that the construction sector is experiencing. If you want to know more about this tool, do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll inform you without any obligation.