On February 12th, the news was given about the cancellation of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, various people and entities both public and private organized Tech Spirit Barcelona 2020 to fill the void. This event was held in Barcelona from February 23rd to 27th and reflected the joint effort of people and entities that, in less than fifteen days, had reached an agreement to carry out this initiative.

Tech Spirit Barcelona substitutes 4YFN that was going to be held during the MWC. During these days, there were more than 100 activities (meetings, presentations, etc.) in different spaces offered by the city.
Beyond what is said or done in Tech Spirit Barcelona, what it highlights is the enormous capacity of collaboration of the parties involved. Barcelona showed it was a dynamic city with an excellent ability to adapt.
For start-ups, not giving up and overcoming adversities is one of the characteristics of their people and entrepreneurial companies. Many of them have a lot of experience in leading and overcoming all types of adversities.
Many were the participants in the conferences thanks to initiative because there wasn’t time to react to the cancelation of the MWC. The organization of the event saved the investment made in the MWC and positioned them in the market.
Collaboration was the key word that helped make this event possible. The participating start-ups united efforts, more proof that the ecosystem of start-ups operates at full capacity and with great ability to adapt to adversities.
Tech Spirit Barcelona was created just for this year and without the intention of continuing. But…who knows.