As of April 1st, the Cecot offers the new Electronic Invoicing service for its associates. The Catalan employers’ association, always attentive to corporate needs, has been working with eDiversa on the creation of a technological platform that offers an electronic invoicing service with preferential conditions for its members.

Thanks to the recently signed agreement, the Cecot and eDiversa have joined together to offer a high level technological and human service with a wide range of options for the delivery of electronic invoices.

The service presents diverse plans so that each company or professional can contract whichever is most convenient. They can opt for the Free Partners Plan, with great features at no cost, for the Premium Plan, with many advantages at an affordable price or the Ad hoc Plan, with which partners can acquire functionalities added to the Premium Plan.

It is also interesting to observe that the Cecot provides a free plan oriented to non-associate companies.

So, as of April 1st, small and medium-sized Catalan companies have a good reason to change to the electronic invoice.