Industry 4.0 is a reality in 2018. A fact that proves it is the next virtual trade show in, the first online community of this kind that contributes to the networking and business generation for supply companies of technology 4.0, as well as for companies that use this technology.

This technological project is a virtual meeting point for the companies and professionals of the industries involved in the new technologies 4.0, that are: robotics, 3D simulation, systems integration, the internet of things, cybersecurity, technology in the cloud, additive manufacturing, augmented reality and Big data.

This initiative is promoted by 6 municipalities of Catalonia and is supported by the Catalan public institutions.
On the other hand, from the 13th to the 15th of March is the Industry 4.0 Congress in the CCIB Barcelona that will bring together more than 200 brands presenting the latest developments of the sector. It is the biggest European congress on advanced and digital industry. The goal of the Industry 4.0 Congress is to analyze and go in-depth on Industry 4.0, focusing on 4 thematic areas: industrial equipment and new processes of production, digital technologies applied to industry, customization of projects, sustainability. All this on 3 different stages by means of 18 key conferences and more than 170 speakers.

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